The Foyer

Welcome Home - Bienvanue à la Maison

The Cafe

A Little Taste of Heaven - Un Petit Avant-Goût du Paradis

The Parlour

Where Elegance and Comfort Acquaint - Où L'élégance et le Confort

The Boudoir

Romantic Refreshment & Restoration - Rafraîchissement Romantique et Restauration

Letters From My Ladies

“Grammy! Why doesn’t everyone know about essential oils?”

Becoming an essential oil user is well, essential, for your and your family's well-being.  Beginning with marvelous geranium, here's just a taste of the fascinating world of aromatherapy.
Music For The Soul

Music For The Soul

Note: This was written a few months ago, sorry for the delay. The right kind of music can set the mood - or bring it down.  For example, rainy days...

The Chambers of a Queen

Dear Queen-To-Be, When we were all little, everyone wanted to be a Princess. The pretty dresses, the crown (ah, the crown), the throne (even bette...